Project LifeLine

Northern California suicide prevention program

Project Lifeline provides outpatient mental health services to 100 adults, ages 25 and up in the Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma, Marin, and Napa County regions of Northern California.

The program’s mission is to support individuals suffering from mental health symptoms related to the direct or indirect impact of the current COVID19 pandemic in Northern California. The program aims at restoring mental health functioning and reducing the effects of the collective trauma as a result of the pandemic. Project Lifeline delivers cohesive services to clients diagnosed with a mental health disorder, as well as individuals with co-occurring mental health, substance disorders and domestic violence victims. Project Lifeline will support individuals by using evidence-based practice, trauma-informed care, and by partnering with stakeholders in the community, thereby increasing internal resources to improve quality of life and prevent suicide in Northern California.

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